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Plumas Eureka State Park Association

Article Date: 01-Aug-2020 Date of event: 01-Aug-2020 - 01-Aug-2020

The Plumas-Eureka State Park Association or PESPAwas established in 1977 to support the interpretive and educational programs at Plumas-Eureka State Park.


Funding for PESPA comes from donations, fundraising activities, museum sales and the membership program. Using the funds raised through these activities, PESPA sponsors the hiring of summer interpreters who create and present programs such as the Junior Ranger Program, campfire programs, and interpretive hikes at the Park.  PESPA also provides needed funds to purchase materials and equipment for these programs.


PESPA currently has more than 300 members from throughout the United States.  About 45 of their members are approved California State Park Docent/volunteers who are utilized in many areas of the park such as the Museum, Blacksmith Shop, Assay Office, Moriarity House and park hikes.

You can help support PEPSA and become a member with an Individual, Family or Business Membership by clicking this link:  http://www.plumas-eureka.org/index.html





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