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In Loving Memory of Iondor

Article Date: 01-Jun-2021 Date of event: 05-Jun-2021 - 05-Jun-2021


Sharing this message written by Chris David:



Family, Friends and Colleagues


I write to you with a tear and a heavy heart!


On December 9th, 2020 a day like any other wonderful day, our precious friend and valiant steed, Iondor went to his resting place at Black Horse Meadows Ranch at the age of 20.


After 15 years of a wonderful friendship and reciprocal loyalty, an acute blood disease swiftly took his soul. Iondor was with us and helped us with the loss of our son Bill. He was always there when needed, giving strength and support without reservation. Iondor completed 15 wonderful July 4th Parades during our special relationship. He was special to so many fans in Graeagle. He loved the Graeagle Parades and the kids.


He was stoic with extreme confirmation and masculinity. He was exceptionally docile with kids and yet a force to be reckoned with. Hours, days and years of training only brought us closer together as a team and a strong connection than one can ever imagine.


When the 2020 July 4th Parade was canceled, I understood the reasoning but decided to ride anyway. Just me and my horse and my COVID mask. Iondor was ready to parade not knowing it would be his last or maybe he did know?


He was, as always, his wonderful self with full presence and friends and fans cheering him on as he pranced down main street Graeagle. We had a round-up at the ranch in October. He rounded up cows like he had in the past with solace and grandeur.


He taught and trained me every day we were together. I learned from him and he taught me so much about myself.

It is with great honor I write his final words. With a tear in my eye, a lump in my throat and an ache in my heart, I say farewell.


You will be missed, loved and will be forever in our hearts.














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