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12/31/06 Keep up the great work! - Kristin Bicocca, Sacramento and Gold Mountain
03/04/07 I enjoy Graeagle, I get to visit there several times a year. I am currently a Wachovia Mortgage Lender specializing in luxury homes. I would like to meet the Real Estate agents to understand the market in the Graeagle area. Maria Nobleman, Redding, California

I used to live in Graeagle so i know that it is the most beautiful place on earth and i hope to move back someday soon. Christopher Boyd Parkston, South Dakota

04/23/07 You do such a wonderful job on this website. Thanks for all your hard work and for your creativity. rocks! Rebecca Loretz Graeagle, California
07/18/07 I like your website-it's awesome! :) Valerie Daroczi, Paradise, California
07/25/07 I used to attend Reno Flip's Gymnastics camp at the Feather River Inn for two weeks every summer. It was the 1970's and the Inn was a prep school at the time. I will be back up there this weekend to attend a family wedding. Wow, what a throwback! I'm glad to know they're renovating the Inn, can't wait to check it out! Been in the city far too long. Gotta get back to where I came from. Brenda, Las Vegas, NV.
08-22-07 We love our "secret" getaway home in Graeagle! What a treat to get away to such a lovely place, with wonderful people. Jennifer. Morgan Hill and Graeagle.
09-08-07 My best friends family and their friends built cabins on the Lundy property many, many years ago on what is called Pinecone Circle. Most of them still own them. My frinds dad has lived there full time since the 70's. What a great place to live!! Tom Pilacelli, San Rafael, California
09-19-07 When I really want to be around tranquil surroundings this is one of the places I choose to be. I am also taken in by the TRUE friendliness/warmth of all the people who live here. Thank you so much! It's nice escape the hustle & bustle. Jennifer A, LA/Malibu,CA
10-25-07 My father came to Graeagle in 1929 & four daughters were raised in the tiny house that is now the mercantile (gift shop).The spirit of the pioneers will forever live within the walls of these homes you see lining main street. When you enter any of these shops, look around and absorb the memores that are stored within. Thank you Mr.West for preserving our town and may it forever stand strong and majestic. Maxwell Edwards, Vancouver, Washington
1-12-08 Our USA-Holiday October 2007: On our way from the flurry and loud Reno through this wonderful, green and relaxing landscape to Lassen we got a little hungry... and we had a great breakfast/brunch in Graeagle! This town is sooo nice and beautiful! Maybe we have a chance to visit you again on a next holiday! Greetings from Germany! Daniela and Martin, Kiel, Germany
2-24-08 My Dad came to Greagle and worked as a cat skinner for 35 years. My Mom was born in Johnsville and they had two girls Nadine and Lurline. Their are so many memories that we have we shall never forget them. The town had 250 people and we were all like family. Greagle means so much to us. Those were the good old days that we will never forget. My parents name is Johnnie and Elvera Kaelin. Lurline Kaelin Medford

Hello Graeagle! You did a great job on the web site! I love checking it out when I am down here in the bay area chasing down work and I am missing home. I had some good times growing up in Plumas County. If anyone needs a PI look me up and give me a call. Thanks, George Copeland, Copeland Investigations. George Copeland, Graeagle and Morgan Hill, CA

P.S. Say hi to my dad Bare. He is probably up there just starving to death in the woods. LOL.

5-8-08 I've attended the Feather River Prep. School back in 70s and have many beautiful memories of the area, however it is sad to see that there aren't any written articles about our school. Kikuma Yamaguchi, West Vancouver, B.C. Canada

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