EPHC Upgrades Central Monitoring System

Feb 12
Feb 12

To improve patient care, Eastern Plumas Health Care is upgrading its central monitoring system (CMS) throughout the hospital -- in its Emergency, Acute, and Endoscopy Rooms. The new CMS, called Mindray, will allow for a patient’s heart rate and rhythm, respiration, oxygen levels, and other vital signs to be continuously monitored through telemetry. A small monitor attached to the patient transmits all of this information to the CMS and displays it for doctors and nurses, whether they are at the bedside, in another patient’s room, or at the nurses’ station.

The Mindray CMS is proven to dramatically enhance medical team workflows and to improve patient care by giving healthcare providers immediate information for the most informed decision-making. EPHC is excited to be bringing this new, cost-effective, high-performing technology that meaningfully elevates the quality and delivery of patient care to our community.

To read more about the new central monitoring system along with other news about EPHC, read EPHC's Winter 2024 newsletter here.