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Buckaroo Chocolates Classic Sweets

Tessa Clawson - Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s rich, creamy, and melts in your mouth.  Any chocolate lover that discovers Buckaroo Chocolates is sure to squeal with delight. That’s because the Buckaroo Chocolate Company makes classic homemade sweets from artfully crafted chocolate to simple ice cream pleasures. It’s sure to please your sweet tooth.

Buckaroo Chocolates Banana SplitsA collection of tasty treats from Buckaroo Chocolates

Handcrafted treats lay tantalizing on their shelves, waiting to be eaten. It is temping not to buy them all. And making a decision about which one to buy is almost impossible. I find myself holding up the line of other customers just because I simply cannot choose. Each chocolate has a different appeal and aroma. A few of my favorites are Organic Lavender, English Toffee, and the Double Dark Buckaroo. With smooth curves and sprinkled tops, the sugar rush begins with the eye. Decorated with a delicate hand, the chocolates are a work of art. Biting into one of these sensual petite treats is luxurious, and it satisfies that certain craving for a piece heaven. 

If chocolate is not enough, go for the creamy ice cream, which always gets me because it literally drips off my my hands! Flavorful creations can be made by the customers themselves. From a classic chocolate to an exotic green tea, flavors are changing constantly. Old favorites like banana splits and malts can be made too, as well as some new favorites like a pistachio milkshake. Either way, Buckaroo Chocolates is a one stop sweet shop. 

Tessa Clawson is a regular blogger for graeagle.com. She is a high school senior at Portola Jr/Sr High School and has lived in Graeagle all of her life. She is passionate about the small town in which she lives, and shares her love for small town living with those who enjoy reading about the tales of growing up in a rural, resort town.

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