Sunday 1 to 2 PM



Parade starts Sunday, 1 p.m. following a special pre-parade run of the Sierra Cascade Street Rodders.
Parade Announcer - Bob Darling
Plumas County Sheriff - Greg Hagwood
WWII Veterans & Distinguished Veterans Honor/Color Guard - American Legion
Flag Bearers - Boy Scouts
Parade of Veterans Past & Present
The Riderless Horse - Iondor & Chris David
Taps (Ophir Prison Band Bugler)
US Congressman District 1 - Doug LaMalfa
CA Assemblyman - Brian Dahle
Grand Marshall - Pat Fites
5 High School Bands including Portola HS
Volunteer Fire Districts

Smokey Bear
Candidates for Plumas County Supervisor District 5
Britton Memorial Kids on Bikes Brigade
Ophir Pirson Marching & Kazoo Band
Lawn Chair Brigade
...And much more!
A complete PARADE PROGRAM will be distributed along the route just prior to the parade.

A complete Parade Program will
be distributed along the route
just prior to the parade.


We honor our veterans, past and present, in this Sunday's MVID parade, and ask you join us in a warm welcome. Please remember and reflect on the sacrifices that so many men and women have made in defending our nation and protecting the principles of liberty that our country was founded upon. Special recognition is hereby given to the following WWII and Distinguished Veterans participating in this year's event:

World War II Flag

Dr. Tyrus W. Cobb,
Colonel, Army Retired, Vietnam,
West Point Professor,
Pres. Reagan Staff
Vern Frye,
Colonel, Air Force Retired,
Vietnam 150 combat missions
Anthony Martinez,
Colonel, Air Force Retired,
WW II, B-17 & B-29 Pilot
Bob Schoensee,
Major. Army,
WW II, D-Day Omaha Beach
Jackson L. Harris
Sr, Lieutenant, Navy Retired,
WW II, Pearl Harbor Survivor
Henry Richwine,
Captain, Air Force,
WW II, C46 & C47 Pilot
Orval Luckey,
Senior Chief, Navy, WW II
John Hamby,
1st Class Quartermaster,
Navy, Pearl Harbor
Survivor, WW II, USS Argone
Frank Green,
Army, WW II, D-Day Omaha Beach, Purple Heart
Harlan McBride,
First Class, Navy Seabees, WW II Golf Cart
Doug Metcalf,
Sergeant, Army, Paratrooper WW II

Korean Veterans Flag

Lloyd Buckner, Terry Grew, Ed Laurie, Gene Nelson, Bob Nunn, Jim Revelino, Bill Stanton, Dirk Zuidervaart

Cold War Veterans Flag

Curt Clarkson, Jack Harris Jr., Doug Hart, Dave Karau, Tom Laird, Larry McHugh, Leela Mowry, Mike Preston, Rich Schreiber, Alan

Simpson, Fred Thon, Brian Waller

Vietnam Veterans Flag

Bob Abbott, Jim Adams, Ralph Anderson, Jim Babbitt,

Dee Barbea, Bob Baker, Duane Benedict, Paul Bennion, Sylvan Berges, Terry Bergstrand, Troy Biggs, Patrick W. Blake, Doyle

Blaylock, David Boynton, Diane Buckout, Ron Buckout, Chuck Burr, Vito Cantacessi, Bob Caskie, Don Clark,

George Conant, Rick Foster, Doyle Frazier, Jeff Fruchtenicht, Jack Gilbert, Ernie Givani, Al Hansen, Jimmy LaPlant, John Ludden, Norm

Miller, Lonnie Nafzgar, Laurel Payne, Michael Peters, Ambrose Pollock, Jim Reynolds, Kenneth Roller, John Sea,

Bryan Shewmake, Bob Shipp, Bill Seibold, Bill Tiner,
Wally Walker, Joe Wood

Current Conflicts Flag
Bob Arieta, Harles McCleery, Larry Rogers, Matthew Whitcomb,

Teri Woods, Thomas Bielecki, Kevin Black, Joshua Shield, Shawn White