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Graeagle Area
Clio's Rivers Edge RV Park (530) 836-2375
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Eagle Ridge RV Park (530) 836-1559
Little Bear RV Park
(530) 836-2774
Middle Fork Park (530) 836-2455
Movin' West Trailer Park (530) 836-2614
Sierra Springs Trailer Resort (530) 836-2747
Plumas Eureka State Park (530) 836-2380

Portola Area
Feather River RV Park (530) 836-2183
Grizzly Country Store/RV Park (530) 832-0270
Sleepy Hollow Park (530) 832-5914
Trails West Trailer Park (530) 832-5074

Cromberg Area
Buzzard's Glory RV Resort (530) 836-0205
Golden Coach Trailer Resort (530) 836-2426

Quincy Area
Evergreen Trailer Park (530) 283-1765
Pioneer RV Park (530) 283-0769
Plumas County Fairgrounds (530) 283-6212
River Ranch RV Park (530) 283-1908

Bucks Lake Area
Bucks Lake Marina (530) 283-4243
Bucks Lakeshore Resort (530) 283-6900
Haskins Valley (530) 743-5000

Feather River Canyon Area
Belden Town & Resort (530) 283-2906
Caribou Campground (530) 283-0956
Twain General Store & RV Park (530) 283-2130

USFS Lake Davis Area
(530) 836-2575
Grasshopper Flat
Lighting Tree

USFS North Lakes Basin Area
(530) 836-2575
Lakes Basin (near Gold Lake)
Lakes basin Group Campground

Feather RIver Kodenkan

Other Interests
Road conditions for State Route 70 and State Route 89. For additional highway information, visit Caltrans Highway Information.

Local Internet service provider Plumas-Sierra Local Net.

Local news and classified ads Feather Publishing.

Plumas National Forest Pacific Southwest Region.

Feather River College. Junior college in Quincy.

Quincy Library Group.


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