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Shopping in Graeagle is in the Bag

Patty Clawson - Sunday, September 30, 2012

Briar Patch Floral Scented Product Line- Photo Patty ClawsonI’m not entirely sure what the working definition of a shopaholic might be, but I probably come close to the classification when it comes to shopping the boutique stores in downtown Graeagle. I’ll admit it, there are a couple of stores, and okay maybe more than a couple, that I just can’t stay away from. And peering into the window just doesn’t cut it. 

Every time I stop in, there is something that catches my eye and eventually wallet. Perhaps it’s the targeted merchandising by the boutique owners, keen buying abilities and cleaver display that keeps me coming back.

But I have to say; Briar Patch and Eco Centric are two shops that definitely know their market and deliver. 

The boutique clothing line that Briar Patch features is adorable. An eclectic mix of seasonal apparel that right now consists of warm comfy sweaters, hats, scarves and handbags.  Both functional and beautiful, the assortment of women’s clothes rivals that of big city boutiques. And with constant merchandise arriving in the store, “must haves” always seem to surface.  

Briar Patch also carries a unique product line of sumptuous perfumes, bubble bath and lotions – contained in beautiful packaging with light floral fragrances that smell heavenly.  

Two doors down, or up, depending upon the direction you’ve traveled you’ll find Eco Centric. Another one of my favorite stops, because this Earth friendly store carries some of the most amazing recycled and natural products I’ve ever found.

This is another “must stop and see what’s new today” store that I just have make an appearance on a regular basis. Aside from the fact Eco Centric carries my favorite perfume, China Rain this shop oozes fabulous eco-friendly fashion. 

Eco Friendly treasures at Eco Centric  - Photo Patty Clawson

Case in point, the selection of Tom’s shoes Eco Centric carries. Think I’m on my fourth pair and counting now, and they even offer a men’s line of this “oh so comfortable” footware.

Again, great lotions, lip balms, soaps, body sugars, and natural care items – it goes on and on. And believe me, you’ll get hooked, because the products are that nice. Not to mention, this is one of best shops for artesian jewelry where you find those one of kind, beautiful pieces that makes for special gifts or personal treasures. 

But like I said, these are just a couple of my favorite shops in town, there are so many other boutique shops that carry great merchandise. In fact, I think it warrants my next blog. Until then Graeagle….. see you in town. 

Patty Clawson is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director at Big Fish Creations. She is a 1995 graduate from University of Nevada where she majored in Journalism with a minor in Art History. Born and raised in the Almaden Valley (Silicon Valley) Patty has been a Graeagle resident for over twenty years.

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