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Oasis in the Pines

Tessa Clawson - Monday, July 01, 2013

When you first stroll in to the registration office at River Pines Resort, you are greeted with the kindest of hospitality by the front desk, and you feel a sense of home. Welcomed with smiles and hellos and the occasional lick from the sweet-tempered Boxers, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the heartfelt greeting of an affectionate dog. Making your way past the front and through the resort lobby, you enter the pool, filled with relaxation and excitement all at once. 

AbbyCharlieThe Pool at River Pines Resort

I can see why people vacation at River Pines Resort, all of those cute little cabins and cottages clustered around the heart of the resort. Guests flocked by the side of the pool dressed in shorts, swim suits and dark sun glasses soaking up the sun.  It’s here umbrellas and patio chairs sprawl across both sides of the inviting aquamarine pool, and the warm Sierra sun gently browns your skin as you lie basking silently. 

In the air, the delightful scent of the barbecue with mouth watering burgers and hotdogs sizzling on the grill. Why wouldn’t you want to come here for vacation? It’s like an oasis, but only this one is surrounded by towering pines, blue sky and billowy white clouds. 

It seems laughter is louder and smiles are contagious as the guests enjoy themselves by the pool. Conversations instantly spark, as the magic of the Sierras embodies their soul. 

It is the simple pleasures of life that make memories, and as I sit by the pool watching so many guests interact with their families, I can only image the stories that will be retold. Memories packed full from the little town of Graeagle and the charm of a resort that holds so much love.    

Tessa Clawson is a regular blogger for graeagle.com. She is a high school senior at Portola Jr/Sr High School and has lived in Graeagle all of her life. She is passionate about the small town in which she lives, and shares her love for small town living with those who enjoy reading about the tales of growing up in a rural, resort town.

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