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Artistic Musings from Young Minds

Patty Clawson - Monday, May 14, 2012

Student Exhibit at Red House Art GalleryIt seems a bit understated, that little art gallery situated beneath the tall pines across the green in downtown Graeagle.  On the roof, a large sign displays the name “Red House Art” and it has an entrance flanked by metal sculptures and a prominent free standing mobile that whirls in the wind as if to greet you. 

I have to do a double-take every time I step inside this gallery because the work always exceeds my imagination. The list of artists displaying work in this gallery  reminds me of the same caliber of work seen in the high-end galleries along Ocean Avenue in Carmel.

I’ve visited Red House Art Gallery many times before, but last Saturday afternoon was different. Among the impressive works normally shown in the gallery today, there was something that caught my eye. Monochromatic images, sketches and watercolors of every shape and size hung on the main wall of the gallery. These works of art, unmistakably brightly lit, front row and center, were those of our local, talented high school artists. 

So graciously given the chance to be on display at the Gallery by owners Brian and Toni Carl and the local Artists Guild, this collection of work truly shined. It was the student’s day in the sun, as reporters and parents beamed with delight, myself being one of them since my daughter was a featured artist. 

Artistic musings of impressionable young minds. This was a gallery exhibit that reminds us to never let go of that inner child. To allow ourselves the freedom to create. To forgo the editing process. An exhibit that marks the beginning. The beginning of the creative process that if allowed to flourish, will eventually end up gracing some of the finest gallery walls in communities that embrace the value of art.

Patty Clawson is a Brand Strategist and Creative Director at Big Fish Creations. She is a 1995 graduate from University of Nevada where she majored in Journalism with a minor in Art History. Born and raised in the Almaden Valley (Silicon Valley) Patty has been a Graeagle resident for over twenty years.

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