Nage: basic throwing techniques

The list of Nage is the list of basic throwing techniques. Again these are not a complete system of self-defense. They are a means to learn the basic principles of how to throw a person. In Nage one takes advantage of gravity and Uke's imbalances. Much of nage is practiced with emphasis on activating opposing body sections. Each technique is a gateway to another world where variances and combinations of various principles are being applied in various combinations.

Throws are not effective when there is no proper kazushi! Kazushi is a way to prepare Uke for a throw, for example by leading Uke into a step that one can take advantage of. Kazushi should project towards the final result. Kazushi is the intention of the art, the rest is executing the art and fulfilling the intention. - In practical application Kazushi is sensing the attackers intent and using his own energy against him.

In the beginning we practice Nage as a form, to learn a number of principles. This form is also called "kata". Kata is not useful for a direct application, such as in a fight or in competition, unless one is very proficient in these arts. The forms have to be practiced over and over again, like a series of drills. The throws need to be understood not intellectually, but as a feeling, before one can truly apply these techniques and develop them into an efficient tool of self-defense.

In learning Nage one adopts new ways of movement that serve as a foundation for learning the more advanced techniques of self-defense. First we form our habits, and then our habits form us - both good and bad habits. Therefore, from the beginning one needs to pay attention to detail.

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