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“Change is inevitable. Growth is a choice.”

Martial arts is a journey of self discovery. The intent of this web page is to give the reader an impression what philosophy we espouse in our Dojo - while not wanting to give the false impression one can comprehend JuJitsu simply by reading or talking about it. An understanding must come by trying it on the mat, leaving behind one’s preconceived ideas and reservations. Touching, exploring and experience is everything. Hopefully we can inspire you to come and join us in this quest.

This web page is mostly directed at the beginning martial artist and the non-martial artist - while the advanced martial artist probably has little new to find in these pages (though there is always something to learn, otherwise we may as well cease to exist ).
For our German speaking visitors we have provided an abbreviated section in German.

What is Jujitsu?

"But war, for a warrior, doesn't mean acts of individual or collective stupidity or wanton violence.
War, for a warrior, is the total struggle against that individual self that has deprived man of his power."

- Don Juan - The Power of Silence by Carlos Castaneda.

JuJitsu is the Japanese philosophy of self-defense, relying on skill and technique rather than strength and speed. JuJitsu includes Escapes, Holds, Chokes, Throws, Strikes, Kicks, and Rolling and Falling Techniques - in short: everything that is commonly necessary and used in self defense. The Japanese word JuJitsu can be translated as the “the practice of giving way.” - the principle of focused suppleness that allows the weak to overcome the strong. In the hands of the well trained practitioner JuJitsu is an extremely effective system of self-defense.

DanZan Ryu JuJitsu was founded by Master Okazaki in the 1920’s in the Hawaiian Islands, and is one of the most comprehensive and most widely taught styles of JuJitsu in the United States, while gaining in popularity on the international level. Revered for its comprehensive and well thought out training curriculum encouraging developing one’s personal style, it includes not only all the pertinent elements of an effective self-defense system, but also a complete system of resuscitation, massage and healing arts.

There are few reasons to fight, but there are many reasons to know how to fight. JuJitsu is not a sport, but a highly evolved form of self-defense, demanding well conditioned reflexes and a physically and emotionally balanced personality. By its very nature this demands systematic, slow and purposeful practice, seeking the necessary control, balance and suppleness.

JuJitsu can be learned by men, women and children of all ages. It lends itself not only as an art of self defense, but more so as a means of personal growth. Following the ancient principles, a key prerequisite for proficiency in these arts is character development. The training requires self-control, honesty, and a sincere concern for the well-being of others. To attain true victory over others, one needs to first achieve victory over one's self - seeing the behavior of others as a mirror of one’s own behavior.

If you practice this art diligently it will change you positively - your outlook on life, your self-esteem - your character. Character can be seen as those subtle qualities that distinguish one person from another, or as moral and ethical strength arising from conscience and mindfulness. - A way to become your true better self - to refrain from ‘wearing a mask’.

There is little sense transmitting self-defense skills to someone who lacks self-discipline and personal integrity, or a person who has little concern for the well-being of others. These self-defense skills should never be used to provoke a fight, and one should strive to become helpful, considerate and tolerant in one’s attitude toward others. It is about balancing mind, body and spirit to replace old fears with greater awareness and self-confidence. To strive to always practice moderation in all things. To master oneself and to help others learn to do the same.


Feather River Kodenkan

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours."
- Richard Bach, Illusions

Feather River Kodenkan has been teaching JuJitsu in Plumas County since 1998, for both youth and adults. Being a member of the Bushidokan Federation of Dojos, Feather River Kodenkan espouses the proliferation of DanZan Ryu ZenYo BuJutsu. We have also been teaching regular assault prevention courses for women and men, both in Quincy and Portola. Being accredited with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), the Dojo is insured, and its trainees benefit from interfacing with other Dojos and guest instructors, both on the national and international level.

Regular classes are held at the main Dojo in Quincy and at Feather River Gymnastics in Portola (see schedule of classes for locations). We also hold an annual summer day camp with classes in the outdoors at our property near Blairsden in eastern Plumas County.

Sensei Burkhard Bohm holds a blackbelt rank in DanZan Ryu JuJitsu, and has studied JuJitsu with Shodai Herb Lague since 1977 at the Bushidokan Dojo in Sparks, Nevada. He was born in Germany, spent his childhood in Namibia, Africa, and emigrated to the US in 1976. Living near Blairsden in Eastern Plumas County since 1984, he makes a living as a consulting ground water hydrologist. He has also taught for several years as a part time hydrology instructor at Feather River College in Quincy.

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