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New Massage Spa Chair At Tangles


What’s Joni all fired up about at Tangles Salon? Well, if you’ve sat in her pedicure chair lately you’d know she just purchased a new Fusion pedicure spa chair. Compete with various massage functions and whirlpool jets, this new spa chair will rock your pedicure world.


The experience begins when your dip your toes into the warm fragrant water. You exhale with a deep sigh, and then the gentle rollers of the massage chair start to work their magic across your back. The best part, this gentle pressure is at the command of your hand, as the easy-to-use remote control lets you keep the relaxation going for the entire pedicure treatment.

“This new massage spa chair makes you feel Sooooooo relaxed when those rollers massage your back,” says Joni. Clients have noticed the difference immediately when they sit down for a pedicure.


In addition to the massage spa chair, Joni is featuring new foot scrub product that she has personally created and treats each and every one of her pedicure clients to this luscious scrub. “My foot scrub is a sea salt, honey scrub that smells delicious and leaves feet super soft and smooth.” This experience puts the ooh, in the ooh la la.


It’s the epic relation experience with new massage spa chair, whirlpool jets and sea salt, honey scrub. Don’t have your pedicure appointment yet? Get one. You’ll love every relaxing minute of it. Give Joni a call at Tangles Salon at 530-832-0325 or visit escapetotangles.com for more information.





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