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IMD Celebrates 68th Year In Business With Redesigned Site

01-Dec-2017 Date of event: 03-Dec-2017 - 03-Dec-2017

Intermountain Disposal has lots to celebrate these days. Not only have they just launched a major redesign of their website, they are celebrating their 68th year in business! The website redesign was created by Big Fish Creations, a local marketing and digital agency who put the “green” messaging and images on the site. With its responsive design, bold images, and new sections, the Intermountain Disposal website is far more engaging than ever before. The site now features a Blog, FAQ and News section for customers to easily gain more information about recycling, or services for commercial and residential solid waste removal. Now celebrating their 68th year in business, this family owned and operated business has been passed down four generations since 1949. Originally known as the Portola Garbage Company, the Ross family changed the name in 1984 to Intermountain Disposal. The rest as they say, is history. For more information about Intermountain Disposal call 530-832-4879 and be sure to check out the redesigned website at www.intermountaindisposal.com.






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