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Gumba’s Brings The Past Back to Life

01-Apr-2017 Date of event: 01-Apr-2017 - 01-Apr-2017

Elizabeth Arata and Matt Cruse reunite both in marriage and business with the reintroduction of Gumba’s Family Pizza in Blairsden this month. As a teenager, Elizabeth helped her father, who owned Gumba’s in 1986. She met Matt for the first time, who was working at River Pines as an assistant chef. But after her father’s unexpected death that same year, Elizabeth moved away to live with her uncle in Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, Matt, worked and lived in the Graeagle area for some time, until moving to Alturas in 2010. Soon, the couple’s life changed when they reconnected on Facebook having been separated for 29 years. The rest of the story is like a fairy tale, since they got married and decided to go into business together, with Elizabeth honoring the memory of her father by recreating the family, fun restaurant, that everyone loves! Gumba’s! The new Gumba’s opens April 3, and you can expect their website to be online soon at www.gumbasfamily.com.






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